Type Alias TShow3DMapOptionsExperimental

TShow3DMapOptions: {
    bearing?: number;
    debug?: boolean;
    initialFloor?: Floor | string;
    outdoorView?: {
        layersHiddenByGeometry?: string[];
        style?: string;
        token?: string;
    pitch?: number;
    shadingAndOutlines?: boolean;
    wallTopColor?: string;
    zoomLevel?: number;

Options for showing a 3D map.

Type declaration

  • Optional Experimentalbearing?: number

    The initial bearing of the map, in degrees.

  • Optional Experimentaldebug?: boolean

    Enable debug mode to check the visual representation of performance stats.

  • Optional ExperimentalinitialFloor?: Floor | string

    First floor to be rendered. By default, floor with the elevation that's closest to 0 is rendered. All floors will be sorted by elevation in ascending order.

  • Optional ExperimentaloutdoorView?: {
        layersHiddenByGeometry?: string[];
        style?: string;
        token?: string;

    The outdoor view options.

    • OptionallayersHiddenByGeometry?: string[]

      Layers that should be hidden by geometry. This is useful when you want to hide certain layers when they are below the geometry.

      ['building', 'building-top']
    • Optionalstyle?: string

      A url to a style specification conforming to the Maplibre Style Spec.

    • Optionaltoken?: string

      The token is used to fetch outdoor tiles, which will then be rendered.

  • Optional Experimentalpitch?: number

    The initial pitch of the map, in degrees.

  • Optional ExperimentalshadingAndOutlines?: boolean

    Enable shading of bottoms of geometry along with outlines to make geometry stand out.

  • Optional ExperimentalwallTopColor?: string

    Specify a color for the top of wall geometry.

  • Optional ExperimentalzoomLevel?: number

    The initial zoom level of the map, in mercator zoom levels. If it is not specified, it will default to the level that fits the map bounds.