A class representing door data within the map.

This class provides details and operations related to a door.


  • default
    • Door


id: string

identity of the map object

links: Hyperlink[] = []

Gets the links associated with this data type.

The links associated with this data type


  • get description(): string
  • Returns string

  • get floor(): Floor
  • Gets the Floor object associated with the door.

    Returns Floor

    The floor object.

    Will throw an error if the floor is not found.

  • get images(): Image[]
  • Returns Image[]

  • get isExterior(): boolean
  • Gets whether this door is an exterior door.

    Returns boolean

  • get name(): string
  • Gets the name of the door.

    Returns string

    The name of the door.


  • Converts the door information to a JSON object.

    Returns {
        center: {
            floor: undefined | string;
            latitude: number;
            longitude: number;
        floor: string;
        id: string;
        name: string;

    An object representing the door.

    • center: {
          floor: undefined | string;
          latitude: number;
          longitude: number;
      • floor: undefined | string
      • latitude: number
      • longitude: number
    • floor: string
    • id: string
    • name: string
  • Checks if the provided instance is of type Door.


    • instance: object

      The instance to check.

    Returns instance is Door

    True if the instance is a Door, false otherwise.