Type Alias TGetDirectionsOptions

TGetDirectionsOptions: {
    accessible?: boolean;
    smoothing?: boolean | {
        enabled?: boolean;
        radius: number;

Options for controlling the behavior of the Directions.

Type declaration

  • Optionalaccessible?: boolean

    If true directions will only take accessible routes

  • Optionalsmoothing?: boolean | {
        enabled?: boolean;
        radius: number;

    Enable or disable line-of-sight directions smoothing. With this option enabled, the directions will be simplified to provide a more visually appealing path and shorter instructions.

    Can be a boolean to enable or disable smoothing, or an object with a radius property to specify the line of sight radius in metres.

    // Enable smoothing with a radius of 3 metres
    mapView.getDirections(firstSpace, secondSpace, {
    smoothing: {
    radius: 3,