Interface TAddMarkerOptions

Options for controlling the behavior of a Marker.

interface TAddMarkerOptions {
    anchor?: TMarkerAnchor;
    dynamicResize?: boolean;
    interactive?: boolean;
    layer?: string;
    rank?: TCollisionRankingTier;


anchor?: TMarkerAnchor

Optional. Specifies the anchor point of the marker, determining its position relative to its coordinates. For the possible values and their descriptions, see TMarkerAnchor

dynamicResize?: boolean

Dynamic resize of the marker. If set to true, the marker will resize based on the content.

interactive?: boolean

Whether the Marker should be clickable

layer?: string

Optional layer to attach the Marker to.

Optional. Determines the collision ranking tier of the marker, which influences its visibility in relation to other colliders. For the possible values ('medium', 'high', 'always-visible') and their impact on label visibility, see TCollisionRankingTier.