Class MappedinMap

A MappedinMap belonging to a specific MappedinVenue. Typically represents a certain floor. Give this to a MapView to display to the user.

A Map can have more properties such as 'elevation', 'name' (e.g. Level 1), and 'shortName' (e.g. L1). The elevation property can be used to determine the order of the floors (first, second, etc). Elevation is 0 based, going up and down in integers representing the number of floors above or below 0, which is ground level.

The Mappedin 'things' object is where you would specify what properties you want to download for Maps. Only specify what you will actually use, to minmimze transfer time. Work with your Mappedin developer relations contact to set up any custom properties you need.

See below for an example a 'things' object with available Map properties specified:

things: {
venue: [],
locations: [],
categories: [],
maps: ['name', 'elevation', 'shortName']


  • MappedinMap



_scale: number
elevation: number
georeference: TGeoReference[]
group: string
height: number
id: string
layers: {
    id: string;
    name: string;
    visible: boolean;

Type declaration

  • id: string
  • name: string
  • visible: boolean
name: string
perspectiveId?: string
scale?: number
scene: any
shortName: string
subtitle?: string
width: number
x_scale?: number


  • get center(): any
  • Returns any


  • Create coordinate using lat/lon


    • lat: number

      latitude of coordinate

    • lon: number

      longitude of coordinate

    Returns MappedinCoordinate

  • Returns any

    map rotation in radians from north

  • Returns any

  • Parameters

    • mappedin: Mappedin
    • Optional hydrateData: any

    Returns Promise<void>