MPIData represents the data received when loading a specific venue. Venue is a spceific place (example: a mall).


All core aspects of the venue, such as MPIMaps, MPILocations, MPIPolygons, MPINodes, MPIVortexes, MPIMapGroups, can be accessed through MPIData.
  • An MPIVenue describing the venue

  • An array of MPIMaps specific to a venue

    • Example: different floors
  • An array of MPILocations in a venue

    • Example: stores, washrooms, banks…
  • An array of MPICategories in a venue

    • Example: clothing, food and drink, etc…
  • An array of MPIPolygons in a venue


    every geographical area covered by every MPILocation in a venue
  • An array of MPINodes in a venue


    specific positions anchored to an MPIMap
  • An array of MPIVortexes in a venue

    • Example: elevators, stairs, escalators…
  • An array of MPIMapGroups in a venue

    • Example: different floors of a single building
  • The ranking data for a venue

  • This is a static method that converts an MPIVenueResponse object into an MPIData object where data can be accessed

  • This is a required initialization of MPIData to populate the core aspects including maps, locations, polygons, nodes, vortexes, and map groups correctly.