data class Journey @JvmOverloads constructor(    val connectionTemplateString: String? = null,     val destinationMarkerTemplateString: String? = null,     val departureMarkerTemplateString: String? = null,     val pathOptions: MPIOptions.Path? = null,     val polygonHighlightColor: String? = null)

Journey holds the properties of journey when drawing jouney


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fun Journey(    connectionTemplateString: String? = null,     destinationMarkerTemplateString: String? = null,     departureMarkerTemplateString: String? = null,     pathOptions: MPIOptions.Path? = null,     polygonHighlightColor: String? = null)


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val connectionTemplateString: String? = null

Custom navigation markers

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val departureMarkerTemplateString: String? = null

Custom departure marker

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val destinationMarkerTemplateString: String? = null

Custom destination marker

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val pathOptions: MPIOptions.Path? = null

Custom path to be drawn

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val polygonHighlightColor: String? = null

Highlighted color of polygons when it is selected