data class BlueDot(    val allowImplicitFloorLevel: Boolean? = null,     val smoothing: Boolean? = null,     val showBearing: Boolean? = null,     val baseColor: String? = null)

BlueDot holds the properties of values to be set when enabling blue dot


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fun BlueDot(    allowImplicitFloorLevel: Boolean? = null,     smoothing: Boolean? = null,     showBearing: Boolean? = null,     baseColor: String? = null)


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val allowImplicitFloorLevel: Boolean? = null

For venues that do not provide level updates, assume the user is always on the default map If this is false, and no level information is found from position updates, blueDotUpdate events will not include the nearest node This should probably be set true for single floor venues that have no level information in position updates

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val baseColor: String? = null

Override the default color of the Blue Dot. We interpolate other colors, (such as aura and bearing) from this base color

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val showBearing: Boolean? = null

Whether blue dot should show bearing

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val smoothing: Boolean? = null

Smooth incoming position updates. Set to false if smoothing happens outside the SDK