data class CameraTargets(    val nodes: List<MPINavigatable.MPINode>? = null,     val polygons: List<MPINavigatable.MPIPolygon>? = null,     val coordinates: List<MPIMap.MPICoordinate>? = null)

Things that the camera can be positioned to focus on.


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fun CameraTargets(    nodes: List<MPINavigatable.MPINode>? = null,     polygons: List<MPINavigatable.MPIPolygon>? = null,     coordinates: List<MPIMap.MPICoordinate>? = null)


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val coordinates: List<MPIMap.MPICoordinate>? = null
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val nodes: List<MPINavigatable.MPINode>? = null
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val polygons: List<MPINavigatable.MPIPolygon>? = null